Randa Wilkinson


25 years of Positive Deviance at the PD Global Conference

"past, present and future"


October 31st to November 3rd 2016

Copenhagen - Denmark

Randa Wilkinson

Randa is currently a consultant for World Health Organization, working with the Emergency Response Operations team on the Syrian Crisis. She continues to consult as a trainer and facilitator of the PD Approach, as well as teaching PD at Tufts University's Friedman School of Nutrition and Food Policy, both online and classroom classes.


Randa was coached and trained by Jerry and Monique Sternin during her 8 years working in Indonesia. She facilitated trainings and implementation of PD projects in the context of childhood malnutrition and goiter. Her work included building the capacity of the Indonesian Ministry of Health staff to use PD in their work and programming and was instrumental in developing a network of practitioners among NGOs and government. 


Recent PD projects Randa facilitated as the Director of Training at the PD Initiative include; truancy and school performance (USA), child protection (Burkina Faso), Nutrition (Zambia), social isolation among people with mental health diagnosis (USA), young adults with mental health diagnosis contribution to society (USA), and improving older adults’ health outcomes (USA).


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