Jeff Cohn


25 years of Positive Deviance at the PD Global Conference

"past, present and future"


October 31st to November 3rd 2016

Copenhagen - Denmark


Jeff is a long-time change agent and student of behavior change. He is particularly drawn to the solutions like the Positive Deviance framework, which helps communities solve complex, intractable problems by identifying and building on what works.


Jeff graduated from Jefferson Medical College, did his Internal Medicine Residency at Einstein Medical Center and his fellowship in Hematology/Medical Oncology at Emory and Johns Hopkins. He received a Masters in Health Care Management from Harvard School of Public Health.


For 11 years, Jeff was Chief Quality Officer and Patient Safety Officer for Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. He also spearheaded the creation of the palliative care program at Einstein. Jeff was President and CEO of Plexus, a non-profit focusing on improving health of communities and organizations by using innovative methods focusing on the sociocultural aspects of change. Since July of 2015 Jeff has been the Medical Director for Common Practice, a company focusing on the conversations about serious illness and death that are too often avoided or poorly and painfully done.


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