Jane Lewis


25 years of Positive Deviance at the PD Global Conference

"past, present and future"


October 31st to November 3rd 2016

Copenhagen - Denmark


Jane Lewis has led positive deviance implementation in the UK, including organisational applications in adult care services, and agencies involved in the Troubled Families Initiative, to discover hidden solutions to longstanding problems.


She has also facilitated community applications for teen pregnancy, parenting, domestic abuse and sustaining tenancies. Jane is an experienced change management practitioner and project manager who has worked extensively with the public and private sectors.


She is a graduate of the Oxford University/ HEC Paris Coaching and Consulting for Change Master’s programme. Jerry Sternin, the “father” of its application to wicked problems, mentored her early PD work.


Jane has spoken at universities and conferences about applications of PD to developing people in organisations and communities to create real engagement, build resilience and reduce dependency. She has also written a range of articles, book chapters and blogs on the subject.


She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


Jane Lewis can be contacted at: jane.lewis@hiddeninsights.co.uk


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