David Gasser


25 years of Positive Deviance at the PD Global Conference

"past, present and future"


October 31st to November 3rd 2016

Copenhagen - Denmark


David Gasser has been actively involved with Positive Deviance, primarily in the private business sector, since 2004 and more recently with public sector employees in Honduras. During a career that spanned more than twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry, David was exposed to Positive Deviance as part of an program designed to foster learning and innovation at all levels of the company.


Working directly with Jerry Sternin, Positive Deviance methodology was employed to address specific business challenges, with successful results that not only helped overcome the identified objectives but led to a cultural transformation among the participating employees. He subsequently became involved with a project in Colombia, South America to help reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections at two large institutions using the Positive Deviance approach.


In 2008, after retiring from industry, David formed Social Visions Network, a consulting firm, to employ strength-based solutions to address the complex challenges that communities, organizations and companies face on a daily basis. He is currently working with implementing partners for USAID in Honduras on a project designed to build PD capacity in the ranks of the National Police.


David is a credentialed independent photojournalist, writer, calligrapher and translator. He is an adopted son of Puerto Rico and lives in San Juan with his wife, his son and a standard poodle named Polo. David is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch and is conversant in French.

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