Ahmet Günes


25 years of Positive Deviance at the PD Global Conference

"past, present and future"


October 31st to November 3rd 2016

Copenhagen - Denmark


Owner, Günes Consulting


Ahmet Günes is a specialist in the fields of user-driven innovation, service design and concept development rooted in anthropologic and ethnographic field studies. He has in-depth experience with solving complex problems.

He works in the fields of business innovation, social entrepreneurship, organisational culture and behavioural changes in organisations. He has a MA degree in Business and Concept Innovation from Coventry University. He has worked with and founded small and medium-sized organisations in both the private and the public sector in Denmark, including NGOs and associations.


Ahmet helps big organizations such as eBay Motors, Saint Gobain (Isover and Weber), Comwell Hotels and some of the biggest Danish car dealerships to stay innovative and grow their business. By using the PD approach Ahmet increased the customer satisfaction rating for a major Danish car dealership, which moved it from 62nd to number 2nd on a national level. The process also resulted in higher efficiencies and lower rate of mistakes in repairs and less employee turnover. In another PD project for Saint Gobain’s Isover sales department, significant increases in upselling quantity was made.


Ahmet also has a high passion for social innovation. Some of his projects significantly lowered the high drop-out rates at Danish vocational schools. He is currently leading a nationwide PD project around children living in orphanages with the goal of increasing the percentage of these children, who get a primary education. Finally, he participates in several projects helping the integration of immigrants in Denmark. He initiated and still runs the talent-development programme ‘Lead the Talent’, aimed at talented young Danes with foreign backgrounds.


In 2007 he was awarded the Car Economist of the Year. In 2012 he was chosen as one of the top 100 business talents in Denmark by Berlingske Business, was nominated for the CSR awards in 2012 with ‘Lead the Talent’ and in 2014 he was Entrepreneur of the Year in Rotary Aarhus.


Ahmet Günes can be contacted at: ahmet@gunes.dk

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